Kip J. Maui,Hawaii 2019

Aloha, Totaaly cool stuff... I used it on my wet suit zips and board..The Bee ROCKS.


Jimmy K. Boston, MA 2019

 The list of household uses for this wax are endless. Perfect for a multitude of outdoor uses also. I like the fact that it is not a greasy oily messy application and has no aerosol odor. So easy to use and perfect for wood items and fabric items that cannot be sprayed with an oil based lubricant which can permanently ruin wood and fabrics. Household wax has been around forever but the round shape of this wax product makes it easy to use on numerous surfaces with ease. I highly recommend this product for purchase. 

Vicki P. Washington, DC 2019

This stuff is fantastic! I originally got it for my cars hatch which sticks sometimes. It worked flawlessly.
Then I applied some to my husband’s coat zipper which was always getting stuck, again it worked flawlessly. Then I tried some on my back door which squeaks no matter what I put on it. I am truly amazed, it silenced that old door with one application!
Isn’t it amazing that something so simple, made by nature and causes no harm works without fail?
I will definitely be buying more for gifts in the future, as nobody should be without this gem.

Jenna Welfleet, MA 2018


Big storm   had to break out my cross country skis... wicked dry!  Used The Bee on my skis... OMG!!! AMAZING!  

Thank you Bee's Knees Super Wax

Mark C. Palm Beach, FL May 2017

“The zippers and snaps on my 50′ SeaRay have NEVER moved so smoothly or the snaps attached so easily! Thank You Bee’s Knees… Shark Tank should pick you up!”

JoAnne M. Salt Lake City, UT April 2017

“This Stuff is AMAZING… West Coast LOVES The Bee!” My Camping supplies will always include Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax!”

Tony D.  November, Providence RI 2016

“I couldn’t get my trailer hitch to latch, all I did was swipe Bee’s Knees Super Wax on all of the parts and boom it hooked up instantly!”

Melissa G.  October, 2016

“The zippers on my boots kept getting stuck, I purchased Bee’s Knees and I couldn’t believe how well it worked!” 

Anna D. Newington, CT September 2016

“I hadn’t opened one window in my house in 15 years, I pried it open and hit the sides with this stuff, I was completely amazed…I can now open that window with 2 fingers!”

Juliette P.   September 2016

“There was one window in my home that was sticking all the time I used my BKZW on the sills and it slides up and down now… I won’t hurt my back anymore!”