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Bee’s Knees Super Wax Is the Best 100% Natural, Chemical-Free Lubricant and Conditioner for ANY Surface, ANY Time, ANY Where!

BK Zipper Wax  is the BEST Ski and Surf Wax!

Bee's Knees Super Wax...ROCKS

Use BKSW on Zippers and Snaps on Luggage, Backpacks, Boots, Boats, Jeeps, Campers, Jackets and Coats, Docking Lines, Wet and Dry Suits… ANYTHING.

One PUCK Can Last Decades! Seriously!

Lubricate Drawers, Doors, Screens, Windows, Hatch Tracks, Latches, Screws, Pipe Fittings, Saw Blades, Sliders… Plus More.

Pricing is set for Winter/Spring 2020.

Saw Blade Wax, Screw Wax, Wood Sealer, and Water Resistant!  Bee's Knees Zipper Wax Does it ALL!

Stuck zippers on your coat, soft top, boots, or luggage?

Zippers and Snaps glide open and closed with Bee’s Knee’s® Zipper Wax™.

It is a breeze to remove and reattach boat or Jeep canvas; no more stuck zippers!

Plumbing fixtures, pipe threads, nuts and bolts, stubborn hinges… a breeze with Bee’s Knees! Zipper Wax

Windows, screens, doors, sliders, and drawers will not stick anymore!

Snaps snap-on and snap-off easily with Bee's Knees Zipper Wax

Use on screws and nails; it makes driving easier.

Treat saw blades and drill bits with BK Zipper Wax and get cleaner cuts through wood, PVC, and drywall! WOW!

Condition horses’ hooves and fill small cracks without harmful chemicals.

Continued use of BK Zipper Wax on boat canvas and Jeep soft top zippers and snaps will actually minimize leaking canvas zipper seams! PLUS Bee's Knees Zipper Wax is a the best zipper and snap lubricant!

Make your own “Whipping Twine” Whip lines when you want!

BK Zipper Wax is the perfect 100% natural multi-purpose lubricant that has NO harmful effects or dark residue. BKSW leaves no goopy, greasy mess, and benefits everything it touches.

Won’t harm Isinglass.

BEES KNEE’S® ZIPPER WAX™ is 100% natural and is safe for our environment, children, pets, and all surfaces! and is a great  zipper lubricant

It smells a bit like honey! Not like chemicals!!!

BEES KNEE’S® ZIPPER WAX™ has a very high melting point of over 145 degrees F and can be used outside to 15 degrees F.

Best zipper and snap lubricant ever!

Just glide BKSW on any stuck zipper. Remember: if you see BKSW on the zippers, you have used too much.

BKSW is a chemical-free SADDLE RESIN… Giddy-up! Every horse barn needs BKSW.

Additional Information

Drumstick resin??? YUP, musicians love BKSW!

Does your coat or your duffle bag have zippers that stick?

Do any of your dresses or handbags have zippers that get stuck? You need a zipper lubricant

Stall and barn door latches will glide right along!

Plastic zippers, brass zippers, steel zippers… use on all kinds of stuck zippers. Use BK Zipper and Snap lubricant

Stuck window, stuck doors, sliders that stick, keys that stick in locks, drawers that stick… all are no problem for BKSW.

Use BKSW to treat thread, twine, ropes, and lines to make them more water-resistant!

All Bee’s Knees  Zipper Wax products will keep any shoe or boot laces tied! Moms and dads LOVE THIS!

Run BK Zipper Wax along canvas and raincoat seams to CONDITION and prevent wicking.

SURF WAX, ski wax, snowboard wax, sled runners, Boogie and sand boards: just use BK Zipper Wax. 1 

wax for everything!

Use BK Zipper Wax as an alternative to expensive, chemical-based cutting wax!

Come up with your own usesthey are endless!

Made from filtered, refined and purified Beeswax with no additives!