Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax is The Super Wax!

Bee’s Knees Super Wax is our new name, while we are rebranding you might see Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax in our marketing. Either way Zipper Wax or Super Wax, Bee’s Knees is still the great product you know and love!

What can the Bee do for you?

  • Stuck Zippers on your Coat, Soft Top, Boots or Luggage? They glide open and closed with Bee’s Knee’s Zipper Wax
  • It is a breeze to remove and reattach boat or Jeep canvas, no more stuck zippers!
  • Sewing thick canvas and fabric is like a “hot knife through butta” wax the needle, thread, use a thimble and you are ready to go.
  • Repairs on canvas sails and dodgers are easy as pie!
  • Deck Hatches, windows and screens glide open, sliders slide.
  • Snaps snap on and snap off easily!
  • Use on screws and nails it makes driving easier
  • Treat Saw Blades and Drill Bits with BKZW and get cleaner cuts through wood, PVC, and drywall! WOW!
  • Condition horses hooves, and fill small cracks without harmful chemicals
  • Continued use of BKZW on Boats canvas, and Jeep soft top zippers and snaps will actually minimize leaking canvas zipper seams !
  • Make your own “Whipping Twine” Whip lines when you want!
  • BKZW is the perfect 100% natural zipper lubricant that has NO harmful effects or dark residue, BKZW leaves no goopy, greasy mess, and benefits everything it touches
  • Won’t harm Isinglass
  • BEES KNEE’S ZIPPER WAX is 100% Natural and is safe for our environment, children, pets and all surfaces!
  • It smells a bit like honey! Not like chemicals!!!
  • BEES KNEE’S ZIPPER WAX has a very high melting point over 145 degrees F, and can be used outside to 35 degrees F.
  • Just glide BKZW on any stuck zipper. Remember if you see BKZW on the zippers, you have used too much.
  • BKZW is a chemical free SADDLE RESIN… Giddy-up!  Every Horse Barn needs BKZW
  • Drum Stick Resin, Get a better grip on your tennis racquet, and golf clubs!
  • Does your Coat or your duffle bag does it have zippers that stick?
  • Do any of your Dresses or your handbags  have zippers that get stuck?
  •  How about Boots or chaps at the Horse Barn do they have a stuck zipper?
  • Plastic Zippers, Brass Zippers, Steel Zippers, use on all kinds of stuck zippers.
  • Stuck Window, Stuck Doors, Sliders that stick, keys that stick in locks, drawers that stick, all are no problem for BKZW
  • Use BKZW to treat thread, twine, ropes and lines to make them more  water resistant!
  • Run BKZW along canvas and raincoat seams to CONDITION & prevent wicking…
  •  SURF WAX, Ski wax, Snow Board wax, Sled RunnersBoogie and Sand Boards just use BKZW      1 wax for everything!
  • Use as an alternative to expensive, chemical based, Cutting Wax!
  • Come up with your own usesthey are endless!

What Do you use on Sticking Fine Wood Furniture Doors? BKZW of Course!

What do you use to keep the drawers on your fine wood furniture gliding right along? Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax… The 100% natural All purpose household lubricant!
You have to remember that fine wood or antique furniture drawers and doors needs natural lubrication, not chemicals, lye, or graphite’s….
Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax is almost identical to what the Chippendale Furniture makers would keep in their workshops. Glide BKZW along the frames and drawer slides, and you will keep those drawers and doors naturally lubricated without causing ANY harm to ANY surface!


Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax will also lubricate saw blades, lubricating  screws and nails to make driving easier, is a snap with BKZW!

Treat and condition all of your tools with BKZW to keep them easy to use!

Lubricate old pocket knives, scissors, hedge clippers… the list goes on and on… PLUS BKZW will prevent rusting on tools!

Always 100% Natural , Chemical Free, Safe for ALL Surfaces, and our Environment
Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax Get’s Stuff Un-Stuck… and So Much More
Buy 3 Get 1 Free and Pay NO Additional S & H!
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A Few Things We Want Our Children To Know How To Do!

We all know that many of our children do not know some of the basics necessary to make it through a day as an adult! Some of these things are the simplest yet so important! They don’t teach these basics in school, and to be honest we have not always had the time to teach them at home! So here are our the top few things that every child should know how to do for themselves!

1.)      Always have Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax and a sewing kit on you, in your briefcase, or at the office! # 2 is why!

2.)     How to Sew on a Button and Sew a hem !  We have all been there… A button falls off, a hem comes down… and there we are stuck, wanting to look our best  for an interview, presentation, a day at work, but we don’t! Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax and a sewing kit can make your life much easier! Your sewing kit should contain a small scissors, buttons, needle, multiple colors of thread, and a threader.

  • Waxing the thread keeps it from tangling and makes the thread 2-4 times stronger!  Take about 12″ of thread for a repair  (a color that matches the button or fabric.) For a Hem; thread the needle, tie an knot at the end and pull the needle and thread through the separated hem then grab with the needle a few strands from the main part of the pant, jacket or skirt and slowly pull the thread until lightly taught… NOT TIGHT, that will pucker your repair! Repeat every inch or so this will secure the hem until you can get it done professionally!
  • A Button is easier. Take the thread length about 12″ wax it, fold it in half, and thread the needle. tie off a knot at the end. At the back side of the place where the button needs to be sew through to the others side. Now place one of the holes of the button through the needle and let it slid down and sit against the fabric. Now sew in through and back each hole 2-3 times completing each hole before moving on to the next.

3.)     Use the basic hand tools! Using a hammer, saw, and screwdriver need not be a chore! Keeping your eye on the “nail, screw, or saw” is key to success!

  • Wax the Nail with Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax, (it makes insertion much easier) Then place the nail where you want it and do not take a big swing! Slowly and with small swings tap the nail into place, then when the nail is straight and secure you can give it a few good hits! Always remember to keep your eye on the target, not your fingers… you will hit what you look at!
  • Screws: They require a bit more patience! Wax the screw with Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax, (it makes insertion much easier). Take a larger nail, place it where you want it, take your hammer and lightly tap it into the wood. Remove the nail ( you have made a starter hole!) Put the screw into the hole and while applying steady pressure, turn the screw in.
  • Saws: Lubricating saw blades is manditory! Measure and mark with a pencil or Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax the wood or plastic you want to cut. Wax the Saw with Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax. This prevents the saw from seizing in the wood or plastic and keeps a smooth cut. Since pulling is usually easier than pushing, place the blade on the wood or plastic close to the hilt and slowly pull the blade back across the wood. Evenly push the blade back across with consistent pressure, keeping and even and steady back and forth motion, until the cut is complete.
  • Using Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax on your hand tools prevents rusting!

Knowing how to do these things while it won’t propel your daughter or son to CEO of a Large Cap Company… It will teach them the fundamentals of self sufficiency.


Coming Next: How to Change a Tire, and Write a Thank You Note!

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