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We work hard to bring you the best new marine product, a great sewing supply, natural all purpose lubricant for home, workshop, & office. Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax is

  •  the ONLY 100% natural zipper and snap lubricant
  • The best product for making your own whipping twine
  • that contains NO silicone, paraffin, minerals or crude oil based ingredients, that can harm your boat canvas, Jeep soft top canvas, camper or tent canvas,
  • a great conditioner for hard leather,
  •  water treat suede and canvas sealing seams,
  • won’t stain Isinglass,
  • the best stuck windows or door lubricant
  • the best tool to help sewing through heavy fabrics,
  • a great lubricant for saw blades!

Well..  just about any surface benefits from Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax!

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Yesterdays Question was: What composer was responsible for spearheading the emergence of what is known today as ” The Movie Soundtrack”? (aka The background music that was played in Psycho during the shower scene)

The answer to yesterdays Trivia Question, is Igor Stravinsky, Russian born he composed symphonies that were written for very large orchestras. The Firebird, and Rite of Spring are his most well known.

In 1913 the Paris premier of  Rite of Spring, was  ill received because the music was considered discordant, written without obvious variations on a theme (which was standard in those days) and had massive key and rhythm transitions.  The audience rioted, police were brought in to control what turned into a mob. It wasn’t until many many years later that his genius was acknowledged!

I strongly urge you to listen to at least the first few moments of the 1st movement… you will recognize the birth of “Today’s Movie Sound Track”!!!

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Trivia Question From Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax!

If some one offered you either ; 1 penny that would will double in total value every day for a month… or $1 million dollars cashon the spot… which would you take?

Trivia Question for Today May 18th

Todays Trivia Question is about our U.S. Space Program.
Who was the first civilian astronaut launched into space by the U.S.?

Who Invented Velcro?

Hey there, Scott Whitworth, you are correct!!!
In 1948 George de Mestral invented the fastener known today as “Velcro”. The name is a combination of two french words “velour” which is a very soft fabric made of “fine loops of thread” and “crochet” which as you know combines the use of a hook and looped yarn to create those booties grandma used to give you at Christmas…
Mestral patented the hook and loop theory, and trademarked the name. While the patent expired in 1978, the trademark is still in place!
Interestingly, “velcro” is a trademarked name, like “Kleenex” “Frigidaire”, “Crazy Glue”, “Xerox copy” these names are now synonymous with a generic term used to describe the product… ever ask for a “kleenex, or say I need a Xerox copy of this” or “Go to the fridge and get me a soda.”??? Yup…

We want Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax to become the generic term used for the 100% natural, all purpose, use on just about anything, household, workshop, office, and recreational, product that, “Get’s Stuff Un-Stuck” and keeps things “Smooth to Move!”

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