Are you just as tired as I am of buying a product and then being totally disappointed? That chargeable tile scrubber sounds like a Mack Truck, and bends when you put pressure on the tip. Or the frying pan that says” Nothing will Stick To This Pan”  and you pay $30.00 for one pan… then you find out you can buy the same non-stick pans at Target, and get a 10 piece set for $140.00.  And how many of you run your flashlight over with an 18 wheeler?  Fantastic claims, right???  Some are true… but there is one product  that Does Everything It Promises To Do…

Bee’s Knees Super Wax and BKSW Works as Hard as You DO!

Bee’s Knees Super Wax is the 100% natural,  chemical free compact, easy to use, multipurpose,  lubricant and conditioner, for ANY surface,  ANY time ANY where! In Your home, office, workshop, boat, camper, Jeep, …seriously Bee’s Knees Super Wax Products are amazing!

Here are just a few of the things that Bee’s Knees Super Wax can do for you!

  • BKSW is the best zipper lubricant,
  • Lubricate Antique furniture drawers, doors, and hinges
  • lubricate Barn stall runners and latch
  • Lubricate zippers on ANYTHING  Boats,luggage,jeans, boots, campers,tents…ANYTHING
  • Use BKSW as Metal Polish,   Bronze, Chrome, Brass, Stainless… it is amazing!
  • Even use BKSW on your Designer Handbags and Clothing like Burberry Coat Zippers and LV Handbag zippers
  •  BKSW is the perfect camping supply, use on axes, ropes, snaps toggles… even use to help start your camp fire!
  •  BKSW will Weather proof canvas, and cloth edges,
  • BKSW is a great Cross Country and Down Hill Ski Wax,
  • Use BKSW on Deck Door Sliders,and doors that stick,
  • Drawers that won’t open smoothly,
  • Dress zippers that stick,
  • Tennis and, golf club grip rosin,
  • Hose coupling lubricant,
  • Great Hunting supply,
  • keep all kinds of shoe laces tied,
  • lubricate Keys that stick in locks,
  • Use BKSW as a leather conditioner,
  • Keep Luggage & Handbag zippers that stick running smooth,
  • Made in the USA,
  • metal and copper piping lubricant,
  • Nails and screw lubricant,
  • Plumbing fixture lubricant,
  • PVC coupling and pipe lubricant
  • Rusted Carpenters Tool lubricant,
  • Saddle rosin and conditioner
  • Barn stall and door lubricant
  • All kinds of saw blade lubricant,
  • Sealing leaking Boat Canvas Seams,
  • Sealing leaking Jeep Soft Top Canvas Seams,
  •  Slipping Dock lines on your boat,
  • Snap Lube on Boat Canvas,
  • Snap Lube on Jeep Soft Tops,
  • Stainless Steel Polish,
  • Lubricate all Sticking Door frames,
  • lubricate all sticking hinges,
  • lubricate sticking wooded drawers,
  • lubricate Stuck Window frames,
  • Lubricate Tent Snaps and zippers,
  • Use BKSW as the best thread wax,
  • Treat lines and rope to make ends and grips water resistant,
  • Make your own Waxed String/Whipping Twine,
  • 100% natural zipper lubricant,
  • Zipper Lubricant for Boat and Jeep zippers and snaps
  • Seal leaking Boat Canvas Seams,
  • Seal leaking Jeep Soft Top Canvas Seams,
  • Leather conditioner,
  • Tennis Racket, Golf Club, baseball bat, and drum stick rosin,
  • Stop Slipping Dock lines on your boat,
  •  Antique wooden furniture drawer lubricant
  •  pipe lubricant, metal polish,valve lubricant, even sticking toggles

Bee’s Knees Super Wax does it all and so much more. You have our Guarantee!


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