If you have ever had a problem with dry sticking zippers and snaps on your Jeep Soft Top, or Boat canvas zippers and snaps, the solution is here.  Bee’s Knees Super Wax is the 100% natural, chemical free, waterproof, lubricant and conditioner for just about any surface on your boat, Jeep, or camper. Not only is BKSW multipurpose, BKSW lasts and lasts!

  • BKSW is waterproof and will not wash off in the rain, ocean, lake, river, or stream!
  • BKSW can be used on any sticking zipper or snap on anything
  • Bee’s Knees Super Wax is used on wood, metal, fabric, plastic, and will not harm ANY surface!
  • One Puck of BKSW can literally last you years and years and years, BUT Bee;s Knees Super Wax will not loose it’s efficacy! Even after 10 years left open BKSW will look and work just as well as brand new… try that with other products!
  • Bee’s Knees Super Wax has hundreds of applications in just 1 puck!
  • You can pay less for another product up front however, you will end up buying multiple products, multiple times just to equal 1 puck of Bee’s Knees Super Wax. 
  • I know that many boaters and Jeep enthusiasts use lip balm on the sticking zippers. DID YOU KNOW… it would take dozens and dozens, possibly hundreds of lip balms to equal the power of 1 puck of Bee’s Knees Super Wax.
  • PLUS Bee’s Knees Super Wax has a melting point of 148 degrees F. It has been tested and tested  on boats, in cars, in shipping containers, left in the sun, in a beach bag, and did not melt!
  • AND there is NO goopy, greasy mess with BKZW!

Here is how you use Bee’s Knees Super Wax to lubricate dry and sticking zippers and snaps on your Boat Jeep, or Camper.

  • gently glide BKSW up and down the zipper open or closed. FEATHER LIGHT APPLICATION!
  • Move the zipper housing up and down a few times
  • Your zipper will now glide easily

Fixing sticking snaps on your Boat, Jeep, or Camper canvas:

  • open the snap
  • gently nick or hit with your Bee’s Knees Super Wax puck both the female and male part of the snap.
  • Open then close the snap a couple of times and you are done!

Remember a puck of  BKSW will not harm or dull or stain any surface on your Boat, Jeep or Camper! As a matter of fact it prevents dulling of chrome, stainless steel, and aluminum!

You can even use BKSW

So get your Bee’s Knees Super Wax today, it will last you years, and has multiple uses!

Without the Puck You’re Out of Luck Bee’s Knees Super Wax Get’s Stuff Un-Stuck


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