BKZW is Made in the USA!


BKZW is the BEST Zipper & Snap lubricant & conditioner for

Clothes, Luggage, Backpacks, Boots, Boats, Jeeps, Campers, Wet & Dry Suits…ANYTHING

BUT WAIT… BKZW Does  So much more!

BKZW is truly Multi-purpose

Lubricate Drawers, Doors, Screens, Windows, Hatch Tracks, Barn Stall Latches  Screws, pipe fittings, all kinds of Tools!

BKZW will keep your Saw Blades cutting smooth! 

 BKZW treats thread, rawhide, twine, rope, line & yarn to make it stronger and water resistant!

BKZW is a great Ski & Surf Wax!

 BKZW even keeps Shoe Laces Tied !

(Mom’s, Dads, & Coaches You’re gonna’  LOVE that!) 

 100% Natural,  Chemical Free  

 The Uses are ENDLESS!