If you could use one product that will help you with dozens of projects, what would you pay to,

  • Keep all your shoelaces tied
  • Lubricate sticking zippers on ANYTHING
  • Lubricate sticking snaps on EVERYTHING
  • Condition Sewing thread to make it stronger and tangle less!
  • Soften and condition hard or frayed edges on Boat Canvas, Jeep Canvas, Leather, and other fabrics
  • Condition and make water resistant rawhide strings, edges,and pockets on Softball and Baseball gloves
  • Lubricate sticking windows and screens
  • Lubricate doors, deck sliders doors and screens
  • Lubricate pipe threads, screws, and sawblades
  • Prevent rusting on metal surfaces
  • Give your golf club grips, drum sticks and ball bats better grip
  • A Saddle resin
  • making your own whipping twine
  • tie off your dock lines
  • Works as a Ski wax
  • Works as a Surf Wax
  • Lubricate Zippers on wetsuits!
  • Won’t harm any surface it touches
  • Lasts and lasts for years and years!
  • Lubricate sticking doors and windows in humid weather
  • Keep curtains moving smoothly on the curtain rods
  • Stop squeaking hinges.

Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax is the Super Wax!  With one product that does all of these things plus dozens and dozens more, “Everyone should have Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax in their home, office, and workshop.” Without the Puck You’re Out of Luck, Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax Get’s Stuff Un-Stuck!”