Well, I have to tell you that everyday BKZW continues to amaze!   It had been 90+ degrees, hot and humid, with no relief in sight! Everything was sticking!

I was in the hallway, and pulled the Fire Door to bring the trash out and the door was sticking so badly my hand slipped and I dropped the bag of trash! That was it!  I went back inside, headed for my Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax office, grabbed a BKZW and made a “Bee-Line” back to the sticking door!

I lightly ran BKZW up and down the door frame and the door jam, and in 10 seconds. the door was smoothly opening and closing. The sticking door in humid weathers was “Not sticking anymore”, all  bee-cause of BKZW.

  • lubricate Barn doors
  • 100% naturally lubricate barn stall latches that stick
  • prevent rust and salt pocking on all metal surfaces
  • lubricate Hatch tracks  on your boat
  • condition and lubricate wooden drawers and doors
  • Lubricate your Antique wooden furniture drawers and doors
  • Sticking windows in humid weather are not a problem for Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax!
  • Plus..BKZW is the best snap lubricant for your boat, Jeep and camper canvas
  • AND BKZW is of course the best zipper lube for your boat, Jeep, and camper canvas


Get yours today…100% natural, chemical free, lasts and lasts…