This unsolicited testimonial comes from Doreen:

 Every year & every time we take down the soft top on the Jeep it’s a battle!!  Bee’s Knees saved the day.  The windows zipped in without a hitch.  Jeep should include Bee’s Knees with all their vehicles. Thank you ~ Dorren C                                                ps… This stuff is so good have you ever tried to market it to Jeep?  DC.


This testimonial comes from Carie F. who works at an upscale retailer         

“I used your Bees Knees the other day at work to fix a (stuck!) zipper on a Kate Spade dress that I ended up selling! That stuff rocks!”
Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax isn’t just for boats, Jeeps, or campers… BKZW works on dresses, pants, boots, handbags, and luggage too

From: Marine Product Reviews:

Bees Knees Zipper Wax Review

“…makes your zippers work smooth as silk.”
Zippers are one of those things that we use every day and tend to take for granted…until they don’t work. If you have ever used pliers to free up a stuck zipper (like I have!) you know exactly what I’m talking about.
Bees Knees Zipper Wax ReviewPeople who spend time on the water have lots of zippers in their lives. We depend upon the zippers on important and expensive gear like: dodgers & canvas, foul weather gear, tackle boxes, the list goes on.
I recently tried Bees Knees Zipper Wax on my ‘boating zippers’ and was extremely impressed with the result. Here’s how it works: Bees Knees Zipper Wax comes in a 2.5” circular cake that comes in a convenient plastic storage case. It fits easily in a pocket or drawer. It’s compact and easy storage on any boat.
I rubbed the Bees Knees wax along both the front and back sides of the zippers on my boat’s dodger (Catalina 309), my Gill foul weather jacket and my Calcutta fishing tackle bag. The process took only a few seconds and was simple (check out the video below).  You only need a tiny bit, no big globs or residue.  The result was a clean coating on the zippers that made the action noticeably smoother and faster.
Bees Knees Quick ReviewThe zipper on my tackle bag gets especially crusty, this coating will be the perfect panacea for this as I store it for the winter and subject it to the elements next Spring. It will definitely prolong the life of the tackle bag.  The ‘wind screen’ portion of my dodger rolls up with two zippers on either side. These have always given me a bit of a struggle every time I use them. I actually have a bent zipper pull to prove it! After applying just one thin coating of Bees Knees, the zippers worked effortlessly…a huge improvement. Bees Knees Wax makes your zippers glide smooth as silk.
Although the focus of this review was on the boat related zippers, I couldn’t help applying some to my kid’s hockey bags, back packs and winter jackets. Same result. The uses of Bees Knees are countless beyond the boat applications that I tested!
Here are a few things we like about Bees Knees Zipper Wax.
  • It’s 100% Natural
  • One Bee’s Knees cake will last you a loooong time. If you see it on the zipper you have used too much. You just glide it up and down the zipper. Using the minimum gets you the maximum!
  • Bees Knees is Made in the USA
  • Use it on lines to get a great grip and keep the lines from getting briney!
The Bottom Line:
Bees Knees is a product that belongs aboard every boat or in every sail bag. The uses are many, the results are exceptional, and it’ll keep your expensive gear working like new. We go to great lengths as boaters to protect our stuff from the harsh marine environment. Finally there’s a cheap (just $7.95-$9.95!), easy and natural product for the many zippers (and other stuff) aboard our boats.

This Testimonial comes from Colin W.

Then the rains came in!  A few weeks ago, the rains came and I rushed to zip up my Jeep Soft Top… those zippers and snaps were a bear! Then I heard about the Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax folks and gave them a try… WOW what a difference, this stuff is great, easy to use, and leaves no mess! Thanks Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax Folks… This stuff really works! Colin W.