Sticking windows are a drag! The best way to fix a sticking window, is to take it out, CLEAN all area’s, sand the frame and sash, with a clean cloth remove all excess dust, then lubricate that frame with BKZW, and reinstall! The 2nd best way to get them running smoothly is to, clean as much of the frame and sash as you can, apply Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax to the inside frame, edges, and sash, then open and close the window a few times!
Keep your windows, screens and storms running smooth! NO more busted finger nails, or knuckles! Your windows will be so happy! Just run BKZW up and down the window sash, frame, and screens and storms… your windows won’t get stuck any longer! 100% Natural household lubricant, Chemical Free, and BKZW won’t harm any surface!
Made in the USA!
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