Camping and Boating are two of our Nations favorite pass times! More than 10 million people are camping or Boating at one time or another every day!
The zippers and snaps, seams and grommets on their boat canvas, tents, and camper awning, all need lubrication… to keep them running smooth, keep from splitting and leaking and keep them from rusting…BKZW is the one and only product that can works on just about every surface!

  • Boat Canvas Seams: BKZW helps to seal boat canvas  seams to prevent leaking
  • Tent zippers and snaps: Zipper and snap lubricants work for a while, but NOT BKZW… because BKZW is so versatile, works on so many surfaces, and does not degrade over time. Using BKZW once or twice a season is all you will need to keep your zippers and snaps running smooth.
  • No more stuck boat or tent canvas zippers or snaps. Use BKZW once a month for extreme conditions, and your stuck zippers and snaps on your boat canvas will be no more!  BKZW is the BEST Zipper Lubricant!
  • Make your own whipping twine and waxed thread: Just pull twine or thread through Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax a few times and you have mad your own wax thread or whipping twine. Waxed thread is stronger, non water wicking, and doesn’t tangle easily. Whipping twine can be expensive if you color coordinate your lines… or make your own fishing eye thread!
  • Bird poops stains on canvas can be a real pain! If there is a particulars stop that the seagulls always poop on your canvas… wash it off let it dry, then gently rub BKZW on that area, let the sun hit it, then do it again… twice should do it… the next time that seagull poops on your canvas it will wash right off and that nasty poop won’t harm the fibers, cause BKZW will protect your canvas from “Seagull Poop!”
  • BKZW is also a rust inhibitor, saw blade lubricant, line resin, saddle conditioner, wooden window, door and drawer lubricant, key lubricant, hard leather conditioner, and so much more. BKZW even seals tiny cracks in horse hooves! It’s AMAZING!
  • You can should use BKZW on your Jeep  Soft Top zippers and snaps that get stuck… no more struggling with the soft top!

BKZW is 100% natural, Chemical free, Environmentally safe and clean, Leave NO Goopy or Slippery Mess, and is safe for all surfaces!

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