Here is a natural remedy to cracked horses hooves! Mix together equal parts of melted BKZW and honey. Clean and dry the crack before applying the mixture. Filling the cracks then buff with Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax and a lint free cloth or soft brush. Not only will the cracks be sealed, and bacteria lessened, but the hoof will have a bee-autiful shine!

For deeper cracks and malformed hooves.. always have your vet take a peek!

Also use BKZW to:

  • Soften hard leather
  • lubricate stall doors
  • coat thread to make repairs stronger
  • polish saddle to get a better seat
  • lubricate al zippers and snaps
  • prevent rusting
  • wax mane for easier braiding or dreading

Every Barn, Tack Room or Gear Bag should have BKZW in it!

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You Gotta Love The Bee!