This Old House, E-How, Sail Makers, and Canvas Makers all say, That Beeswax is the coolest and best new “old” product to keep in your toolbox,  junk drawer, sewing kit, or dock box. Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax is your resource for 100% natural, chemical free, purified, and triple filtered BKZW.

BKZW will…

  • Keep your zippers and snaps lubricated on coats, boat and soft top canvas,boots, luggage and more!
  • Prevent rusting on tools and grommets
  • Lubricates saw blades and hand saws
  • Seals leaky canvas seams on you boat canvas
  • Lubricate wooden drawers, doors and windows with BKZW
  • Polish Copper and Brass with Bee’s Knees zipper Wax
  • Treat nails and screws with BKZW and driving them will be easieres. Plus BKZW creates a waterproof barrier preventing swelling and rot!

You can use Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax on just about every surface!

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