• We search and search almost everyday
  • to make our chores go an easier way
  • With so many product yelling “YES we’re “Great”
  • You get overwhelmed then you will sit and wait
  • So I’ll tell you about a household lubricant, something you did not know
  • It will help you knit, crochet, mend and sew
  • stuck windows and doors screens even a boat hatch track
  • Will glide smoothly open yes that is the fact
  • It’s 100% natural household lube, it is chemical free
  • no silicone, or minerals, or oil you will see
  • to stain or get messy you canvas or door
  • but wait…I will tell you there is so much more!
  • Whipping twine, and waxed thread
  • make your own as needed
  • Repair you canvas and dock lines you won’t be impeded
  • No more  slipping lines that you have to attend
  • Just once or twice applied to all line ends
  • who ever does your lines they will have more grip
  • and when you tie off you will have less slip
  • leather and wood are conditioned too
  •  Use it on your saddle, or wood , barn stall doors are lubed too
  • It causes No harm to our animals, earth or to YOU
  • You won’t slip in your seat, used on wood it’ll water resist
  •  It costs about $15.00 now isn’t that a twist…
  • You can use other things that say they can do
  • But 1 of “IT does what 10 of them “DO!
  • What is “IT” is what you might ask
  • That works with you on just about every task
  • IT is Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax
  • YES that is the ONE
  • That makes all your chores way more fun!

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