Well you might just be starting to really think about, “What am I going to get my friends at work?” The Mailman? The PaperBoy? The Doorman? Maybe a Gift Card  or cahs with a little something is what you have in mind! Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax is the best  stocking stuffer or little something and it costs about $15.00! Who can use it you might ask? Well here is our list of people who would use BKZW!

  1. The MailMan… those keys he uses to get into our mail boxes need to be lubricated
  2. Boating Enthusiasts … BKZW works on every zipper and snap on your boat
  3. Sewing Enthusiasts… Waxing thread is an old trick… but using BKZW for other things too make it the versitile household lubricant!
  4. Do It Yourself’ers… Waxing hands saws, preventing rust on tools, treating nails and screws, even rough wood edges are all tasks that BKZW can take on easily!
  5. House keepers and Moms, need BKZW because it works on drawers, windows, doors, kids zippers and snaps on clothing, luggage, canvas canopies, and toys!
  6. Gardeners…Bee’s Knees  Zipper Wax prevents rusting on garden tools, makes out door accent wood water-resistent, and even temporarily seals cracked clay pots!
  7. Camping, fishing and hunting enthusiasts… tent canvas zippers and snaps, tieing flys, waterproofing seams on tents, hunting gear zippers… all need BKZW

Everyone needs a Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax… keep one at home, at the office, on your boat, camper, tool box,  sewing kit, and junk drawer! BKZW is ALWAYS there when you need it! BKZW never dries out, gets old or rancid!  Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax is chemical free, and contains no silicone, crude oil based ingredients, minerals that stain, octane or methane… BKZW is safe for our seas, environment, kids, pets, and us…and BKZW leaves no harmful or staining residue!

Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax make the perfect Stocking Stuffer, and “Little Something Extra” for all of your friends and family!

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