Go and look inside of your workshop cabinet, or under the kitchen sink, or in your dock box. Look inside of your camping survival kit!

What kinds of chemicals, petroleum based products, propellants, harsh minerals, lubricants, and conditioners do you see?

It is interesting to me, as to why people are still buying multiple products that actually “Cause damage” to us, what we own, and our environment!

There are some really great products out there that are safe for our seas, homes, kids, pets, and belongings! It is time that we really start looking for these alternatives! Here is some information listed on the products that we use in our homes, on our boats, campers and in our workshops  and offices daily

Zipper and Snap Lubricants: silicone, paraffin, graphite, petroleum… WHAT??? That is the stuff we are going to use on our wet and dry suit zippers and snaps, boat canvas zippers and snaps, Jeep Wrangler Soft Top Zippers and Snaps… Camper and tent zippers and snaps, and never mind our CLOTHING!!! ASK ANY SAIL or CANVAS maker …They DO NOT SUGGEST USING any product that contains these ingredients near your canvas, clothing or near any rubber surface like gaskets and dive gear!… they will damage the fabric and undermined the mechanics… Did you know that in the Crude  Oil  Refining Process, Petroleum Jelly was a bi-product, that fouled and degraded the mechanisms and rubber gaskets!  So they discarded it until they found that it helped the skin by sealing IN moisture… use it on your lips… NOT on your canvas, wetsuits, or soft tops!

Propellant Lubricants: First of all they are “FLAMABLE!!!” Anytime I see the word “DANGER” printed on a product that I am going to be using near canvas, wood , doors or windows,,, I cringe!  If they give you “FIRST AID or BREATHING HAZZARD” instructions… that is a clear indicator that you do not want to use that product ANYWHERE near your kids, pets, oceans, lakes or waterways… If they suggest using a breathing mask just to get a zipper, door, hatch, stall doors to your horse barn,windows, portals or snap lubricated  and UN-STUCK… run!... Look lets be honest I have a can of spray lubricant in my garage for really tough situations; rusted lug-nuts, and hinges etc… but to use that kind of product near your boat fiberglass, any canvas, wood. or Isinglass… is ridiculous!  If the words..”FATAL or harmful IF SWALLOWED” are on the product… what is the point of using it, if you need someone who knows CPR near by?

Wood and Leather Conditioners: This is a good one!  Just to condition the hard edges on leather that are found on saddles, horse tack, leads, the backs of shoes and boots, and jackets… or condition accent wood on your boat… you would be using “Petroleum Distillates” that Will Explode if exposed to a flame or spark.. and if you get that stuff in your eyes because you rub them with your hands by accident… you could go blind!.. If you use these kinds of products and your pet, horse, you or your child happens to touch it while it is still even just damp and they put their fingers in their mouth, or lick their paws…this is their suggestion  “INDUCE VOMITTING and IMMEADIATELY CALL A PHYSICIAN” … ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? 

“Danger”, “Flammable”, “Toxic if swallowed”, “Fatal or harmful if inhaled” “Caustic to fabrics”… these are NOT the words I like to see on the products I use on my boat canvas, zippers and snaps, leaky boat canvas seams, dock lines,  barn doors, saddles and tack, Wrangler Soft Top zippers and snaps… thread, doors and windows that stick, nails and screws that are hard to drive… my coat zippers and snaps, kids coat zippers

The 100% natural, non-toxic, chemical and propellant free,  alternative is Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax!  BKZW will not harm any surface, it is not caustic, poisonous, fatal if used… there are not DANGER or Flammable signs on our packaging! Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax is the environmentally, child, pets safe all purpose lubricant and natural rust inhibitor, canvas seam sealer, moisture displacer, fabric, thread, rope and line softener, strengthener, and waterproof-er on the market today! 

Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax is used for crafting, wood working, leather making, lubricating windows and doors, sewing and it is the perfect Zipper Lube and snap Lube , … well the uses are endless!

To find out more about Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax  … just type Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax into your search engine…, You will bee amazed at what you will find!

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We don’t need more chemicals in our lives… we need to get back to basics… BKZW is the first step! Buy yours today!

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Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax

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