Funny thing about getting inthe check out  line at West Marine,Hardware Stores like  or Ace Hardware, Lowes or Home Depot, they always have a  bunch  of  impulse items sitting on the corners or the end cap shelves. These products are sometimes travel sizes, but mostly they are gadgets, gizmo’s, gear and supplies that you will need either right then or sometime in the future!

Some of the products are for:

  • Sticking keys in locks… Glide your keys through Bee’s Knees and your keys won’t stick
  • repairing or patching Fabrics… patched areas treated with BKZW last longer and are water repellant
  • Salty Brine Build-up… Treat prone areas with BKZW and that salt build up is cut in half!
  • Preventing Rust… Treating Grommets and tools with BKZW prevents Rust
  • Floataion devises for your keys… ie “floaties”… Bee’s Knees Zipper Already “FLOATS”
  • Keeping bugs away.. well maybe not… 😉
  • lubricating hinges and drawer tracks and hatches, no messy sprays, or goopy gels, just glide BKZW on the tracks and you are ready to go!
  • Eye splicing your docking lines … treating the ends of your lines with Bee’s Knees, prevents fraying
  • Whipping the ends of your lines… Pulling cotton twine through Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax and coating it, creates your own Whipping Twine!
  • Lubricants for zippers and snaps… just glide BKZW up and down ALL of the zippers and snaps on your boat, camper, tent and clothes .
  • Gloves for getting a better grip on lines… treating the end of your lines with BKZW gives you a “better grip with less slip”
  • Polish and oils for accent wood… treating your accent wood with BKZW is the natural water to protect it
  • Seam sealers for leaking canvas… no more goopy messes and BKZW is a preventative too! Just treat your seams with BKZW and you are conditioning the canvas seams and preventing seepage!

Well the list goes on and on…and Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax  does it all! It is the perfect stocking stuffer for boaters!  BKZW is the best new boat product, and it belongs in every boat gear bag, dock box, tool box, and canvas repair kit.

Do all of this 100% naturally, without chemicals. BKZW is non-toxic, safe for our kids,pets, all surfaces, and our seas!

BKZW is the “Bee’s Knees!”Buy Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax for the Boat Gear Enthusiast in your life! Every Boat should have one! BKZW is the Best gift for Boaters!

Bee’s Knees zipper Wax, Get’s Stuff Un-Stuck

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