I recently found my fathers old Police Athletic League softball catchers mitt. I remember playing with it in the basement when I was a kid…and even playing catch with my dad using that mitt! The leather was dry, white with water damage, and stiff! So I took some Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax and a new product we are working on, and I cleaned, conditioned the mitt and softened it up.  The results were amazing!

  • Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax softened all of the stiff leather edges and the pocket
  • Our “secret new product” cleaned and conditioned the body of the glove BEE-autifully!

I have a wonder memory of my father! He taught me how to play catch with that mitt. It was so big on my hand I struggled with it. Dad wouldn’t let me give up, he used his out-fielders glove and I used the catchers mitt.

I have that old mitt today all clean and conditioned. Sitting in that mitt, is a game ball given to me at the end 1999 soft ball championship game. Signed by the entire team cause I made the game winning catch… Bases were loaded, 2 outs, me in right center, and  the biggest and best hitter at bat… she clocks one straight up and it looks like it is going over the fence.. everyone was screaming… I followed that ball  running towards the fence with my head turned to keep my eye on that ball, I was running as fast as I could,..then just at the nick of time, I turned my entire body,  and caught the ball at the fence! It was intense!  I never gave up!

My dad John M. Mendonca Jr. died August 2nd 2012, he taught me many things. How to shoot a pistol and rifle, throw a knife, fish , play sports, handle myself in a wood working shop, take photographs…(my Dad had a Dark Room in our basement, I used to watch him work  in there all the time), he taught me to be comfortable around large machines and of course the love of outdoors.  I first drove a car at the age of 8, over the Sakonnett Bridge while I sat between my fathers legs as he was in the drivers seat.  He taught me how to handle a trailered boat, launch , pilot it, and bring it in.  I learned to catch, clean, and fillet fish, messy but fun! My dad loved the garden and I have that same love ! His dad had a 1 acre garden that included seckle pairs, and apple trees, a veggie garden that sustained a family, and neighbors, plus a small vineyard, that made enough wine to keep Vavu  (Grand Pa in Portuguese) very happy… ) Even though my dad was a “Mans Man”  he loved flowers, his favorite  was the “The Rose Bush” we had 4 of them in our front yard. I remember him tending to them with intensity, and care! The fragrance of those roses were the most beautiful I have ever experienced even to this day!

One of the most important things that John M Mendonca Jr taught me, was “hard work never hurt anyone”! He always held 2-3 jobs at a time. Mind you his full time job wasn’t a piece of cake, he was a Detective and Police Officer for 30 years, in Fall River Massachusetts. Maybe that is where I got my drive?

I have been working on Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax  since May 2010 and launched it July 25th 2011. My full time career is with Nordstrom as a Sales and Merchandise Manager, I manage a team of 10-12 sales people. Every morning I get up, get on the computer and work for a couple of hours on Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax, then I get ready a go to work 9-10 hours,. When I get home from my full time career, I work on Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax again.  I work days off, holidays, this is a labor of love and determination that goes 365 days a year!.. just like my dad said…  “Never give up and don’t be afraid of a little hard work!”

Thanks Dad, even though you and Mom divorced when I was 17… You are an intrinsic part of who I am today…you helped make me the woman I am!

For better or worse, no matter what path you chose to travel, you walked your road with pride and determination. I love you…